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  Volume XVIII June 2001 5

Old Wine in New Bottles: Public Interest Lawyering in an Era of Privatization
Louise G. Trubek

In this essay, the author analyses the common concern is that a privatized government is less transparent and participatory than traditional governance, and therefore less accountable, both to the public as a whole and to the constituency receiving the services. From her own experience the author indicates that this concern is somewhat misdirected. As the founder and Executive Director of the Center for Public Representation, the oldest public interest law firm in Wisconsin, the author has observed that public interest lawyers can work effectively within a privatized system on behalf of their constituencies. Doing so, however, requires reimagining the role of the public interest advocate and adopting new strategies to foster transparency and participation in the changed regulatory environment. In this essay, the author supports this claim by providing examples from her own experience.

This article appears on pages 1739 to 1749 of this issue.

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